I’m on a quest for calm, but what does that mean exactly?


samantha-winchellIt means that I love to write. I love to take photos, I love to style, I love to create. By blogging, I have the means to do all of this and more – I get to interact with you! All of which, helps me stay grounded, express myself, document what I love, and of course, keep calm.

In my posts, I share a part of myself; a part that I am hoping, you can relate to and enjoy.

Here’s a little bit about myself. Take a look at my posts and you’ll get an inside look at life in the northeast, being a first-time homeowner, starting off an exciting career in marketing as a millennial, weeding through life’s ups and downs, and throughout all of which, enjoying the aspects of life that truly make me happy.

Makes you think about what your quest for calm is, doesn’t it?


Well I Hope This Helps,