Before & After: Walk-In Closet and Beauty Room Renovation

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Since I moved into my house 2 years ago, I’ve kept my clothes in a closet in the master bedroom, my vanity in the guest bedroom, and shoes, skincare, haircare, etc. scattered all over the house! Though this worked, it was stressful getting ready in the morning and I didn’t have a space to myself.

Fortunately, I had an office space that wasn’t getting much use with the advent of the laptop, so I made the decision to convert this space into something that would get a lot more use: a walk-in closet & beauty room – a.k.a. the ultimate woman cave :)

I am over the moon with my new space, and I’ve just been casually hanging out in my closet whenever I can since it has been completed. And the best part, it wasn’t that hard to do! This is the perfect project for anyone with unused space. Let’s take a look at the before and after, shall we?






















How to Create Your Own Space

I didn’t want to spend a fortune making this space, but I also didn’t want anything that would fly apart with a little bit of weight. I knew I wanted to hang quite a lot of clothes, so I needed shelving that would stand the test. Because it has great reviews online, I ended up choosing the Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit for an 8 foot wall space. With 2 people, it was easy to put this system up.

Luckily, I already owned all of the other furniture and organizational items pictured above, so it wasn’t too much of an investment. After putting everything together, I decided to make a few upgrades including the luxuriously soft faux fur rug, which was only $50 at TJ Maxx! I also snagged a beautiful grey and silver linen desk chair for $150, and couldn’t resist the beautiful Gucci-inspired handbag while I was there.

I repurposed the large desk as a hefty vanity – with SO much room for my beauty bits and bobs… as if I needed an excuse. This is a similar setup to what I had in our guest bedroom, but I’m glad I now have this space all to myself. Plus, since this desk is so big, it doubles up as a laundry folding surface or a desk if I feel so inclined.

The final touches were the ones that I’m most happy with, including a cute jewelry station, and my favorite artwork throughout. For me, much of my jewelry comes with sentimental meaning, so I love having it on display. I picked out a leather tray and wire necklace holder that would put my favorite pieces on show.

I hung the 0h-so-tropical watercolor painting that I picked up from Culebra, Puerto Rico over my vanity, and leaned drawings made by my grandmother of a seashell and Samantha doll, my favorite toy from childhood. I will continue adding artwork as I pick it up.

I am beyond happy with my new closet and beauty room, and I feel so at home in this space. I’m glad I was able to reuse a space that wasn’t getting much love, and feel like I’ve finally moved into my home. The look may not be to everyone’s taste, but I find that it’s the perfect combination of beauty, practicality and sentimental value.

If you’re interested in any particular piece, feel free to leave a comment below and I can try my best to provide the brand, link or similar item.

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