Get Fit Friday: Ballet-Inspired Workouts

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When you picture an at-home workout, do high intensity intervals come to mind, or maybe a fast-paced dance cardio like latin salsa or Zumba? While these fitness methods are good for both cardio and strength building, I must say that I’m more partial to ballet-inspired fitness workouts.

There’s just something about building strength with grace that is a lot more motivating for me. Plus, many ballet workouts ease you into the workout starting slow and then picking up speed. With this method I feel that I’m able to keep pace and complete the entire workout without copping out on any of the moves (so basically anything involving a plank).

I’ve been really into ballet-inspired workouts lately, and here are some of my favorites!

My Favorite Ballet-Inspired Workout Videos:


Mary Helen Bowers Ballet Beautiful

By far, my favorite ballet training comes from the Ballet Beautiful Series by Mary Helen Bowers. Not only are the workouts effective and challenging, but I find Mary Helen Bowers to be very motivating without being cheesy or over the top. Her voice, demeanor and music help keep things calm when your sweating beads and working muscles you didn’t know you had.

She walks you through the repetitious routines to make sure that your posture is on point and that your performing the moves correctly. I never feel like I’m out of step or having a hard time getting through the moves. But on the other hand, I’m not bored either! I own the Sculpt & Burn Cardio Blast, Body Blast, Cardio Fat Burn and Total Body Workout, and I love them all. Well worth the price.

Ballet Fitness with Nicky McGinty

Like Mary Helen Bowers, I find that Nicky McGinty is also very calming, and I love the classical pieces used in her DVD. The moves in Ballet Fitness with Nicky McGinty are inspired by yoga, and I really like the combination. Her workout is not overly strenuous, so I like going through her routine on days where I want something that is still challenging, but won’t kill my legs after a squat day.

Element: Barre Conditioning

And if it’s something a bit more strenuous that you’re looking for, Element: Barre Conditioning is the DVD to go for. There are 2 different workouts and they’ll leave you with your legs shaking and being sore for a couple days! The sculpt and burn exercises are all about strength and stamina, and don’t really include much flow.

Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp

Looking for a great free workout? The Sweaty Betty Channel has some awesome free workouts and I really love the Ballet Bootcamp with the ladies from Sleek Technique. This workout is challenging and involves both dance movement and strenghth-building moves. You’ll get your cardio in while toning your entire body.

So there you have it, these are my favorite at-home ballet workouts. They’re all fun and graceful and help build up strength while promoting cardiovascular movement. I highly recommend these workouts to both beginner and intermediate levels.

What are your favorite workout DVDs? Leave a comment below!

  • Thanks for this list! I always just watch blogilates but was totally looking for dance inspired workouts

    Raincouver Beauty

  • This is really cool! I’m thinking I should definitely try something like this, I’ve realised that just working out doesn’t do a lot for me, I need it to be toward something. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t even realise that ballet workouts existed! I don’t do DVDs, but I do like looking on Youtube for channels with fitness focuses, Yoga WIth Adrienne, for example!


    • Quest for Calm

      Thank you! I’ll have to give Yoga with Adrienne a try. I love doing workouts from YouTube, but find that the DVDs are a good standby when I don’t feel like digging to find a longer workout. But the Sweaty Betty video is a great length and is challenging without being too much.