Where I Buy My Favorite Bras & Bralettes

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After going through some pretty thorough spring cleaning of my wardrobe, I whittled down my bra collection to only the bras and bralettes that I love. There were a bunch that were uncomfortable or didn’t hold up to the test of time, and it got me thinking about the brands that I truly love.

I normally wear a padded, wired bra for daily use, but also love wearing bralettes around the house or with a more casual or romantic look. I also wear a sports bra for working out, so there were a lot to choose from. For frame of reference, I wear a 36 B, so I don’t struggle as much to find sizes that fit me. If you’re similarly sized, definitely check out some of my favorites!

Daily Wear: Padded Bras


For daily wear, my favorites are pretty basic, and won’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m a fan of Victoria’s Secret and Aerie, which both offer sturdy quality along with comfort. I go for Body by Victoria bras, which offer push-up support and are super comfortable. I love that the band doesn’t cut into my back in an unattractive way like some other bras do.

My favorite strapless bra also comes from Victoria’s Secret, which I picked in a nude shade to go under strapless dresses and camis. Again, the band is so soft and flattering, while still offering the support you need to keep a strapless bra in place. I would highly recommend this bra as a staple for every wardrobe.

I’m also a fan of the UNIQLO wireless bras for a super comfortable daily wear. The fabric towards the bottom is very thick, helping the bra to stay in place like a wire would. However, since it’s still fabric, it’s flexible and never digs into my rib cage.


My Favorite Bralettes

As soon as I get home, I like to switch over to a bralette. I don’t need that much support, and you just can’t beat the comfort of a bralette.


All trends aside, I’m a huge fan of the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette because they’re so damn comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the straps falling off your shoulders, and they offer enough support where you feel snug. While they’re shaped similarly to a sports bra, since they are cotton they’re nowhere near as restrictive. I also love the band, as it’s pretty flexible while still holding its shape. I have so many of these, and they’re definitely my favorite go-to.

For lacier numbers, I don’t tend to splurge, as I find that they are the first to fall apart. My favorites come from Aerie and surprisingly, Forever 21. I love a lacy bralette underneath a sheer tee or strappy tops.


Sports Bras

Any time I feel that I need an extra motivation boost when it comes to working out, I tend to buy new workout gear… which means that I have a freakishly large collection of sports bras. While Nike and C9 Champion are tried and true for many, I also love sports bras from Express and Betsey Johnson, which aren’t necessarily known for sport wear. By far, my favorite styles are high neck and zip-front, which you can see below.




Where do you buy your favorite bras? Which brand should I try next? Leave a comment below with your favorites!

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