Amazon Prime: Your Holiday Starter Pack on a Budget

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If you’re anything like me, it can be pretty easy to go from zero to sixty when it comes to the holidays, and it can only take a wreath here or an entire Christmas town there to go a little overboard. Since I have more than enough decorations to last me a lifetime, I’m saving myself the craziness this year, and I’m going to stick with the basics.

Whether you have a good collection of holiday essentials or you’re just getting started, this is a great starter pack to get you through a few seasons. Plus, with Amazon Prime you’ll get everything on this list for under $100! Order soon and you’ll even have all these treats before Thanksgiving (so you’ll be festive by the Monday after)!! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial



Gift Wrap Essentials

Save yourself some time and money wherever you can with gift bags. This set includes 24 medium bags in 3 cute prints. These will store well, and they’re reusable. I also like to keep white tissue paper around at all times to use throughout the year. While it’s not as exciting as some of the printed variations, it will go with any gift bag you have on hand, plus it’s very inexpensive. Amazon has a 100-sheet pack for under $10.

If you’re into wrapping your gifts, go for brown kraft paper and ribbons to dress things up. I’m a fan of cherry red ribbons, but you can also use baker’s twine and cute gift tags to give that classic, homemade look. If you have stamps on hand you can really get creative, or you could draw on a cluster of snowflakes, holly leaves or whichever holiday imagery you’d like.

What’s great about kraft paper is that it can be used for birthdays as well, so you don’t have to store away a bunch of Christmas items to only be used once a year.

Festive Decor on a Budget

It doesn’t take much to take your apartment, dorm or home from the ordinary to the festive. The number one thing that’ll take it to the next level is a pretty set of string lights. I love that this set is battery powered, so you can add it anywhere. Plus, the warm lights give off a more romantic glow, which I’m a fan of.

If you’re crafty you could make bunting using the kraft paper, but I think this burlap set is adorable. I have a pellet stove in my home, so I will be adding this banner above in lieu of a mantel. There’s just something about bunting that is just so festive, I love it!

Holiday Baking Essentials

If you’re on a budget, cookies are going to be a savior. Pick up a cookie cutter set and some fun decorations to play up some sugar cookies, and hand out batches as gifts. Whether it’s your coworkers, family friends or your significant other, it’s unlikely that you’ll find someone who wouldn’t appreciate Christmas cookies.

Amazon has these cute pop-up boxes to add in cookies, candies or a couple mini cupcakes to give away. Line the box with wax paper and some tissue paper and you’ve got a classic, inexpensive giveaway.

What items are on your holiday prep list? Leave a comment below with your must-haves!

  • kelsey

    These are great tips for wrapping presents, I am so excited I love Christmas time.
    Kelsey |

    • Quest for Calm

      Thanks, I hope it helps! Christmas is my favorite as well – I’ve already got a few gifts down to put under my tree once I get it :) Can’t wait!