Get Fit Friday: Burn Calories & Tone With a Beginner Routine

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I’m still hanging in there on my New Year’s goals, but I’m still not quite as strong as I’d like to be. For days when I’m feeling a bit sluggish, I love trying YouTube videos that are meant for beginners. It keeps me moving without feeling like dying, and it’s a lot better than doing nothing.

30 Minute Beginner Workout

If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a full routine that will burn calories and help tone, I love this routine by GymRa. Marissa is a total babe, and I really love her slower pace between movements. It gives me a chance to make sure that my form is correct, and grab for water when it’s needed.

With a bit of cardio, and a lot of body weight toning exercises this routine gets your heart pumping but eases you in. Plus, since the movements are pretty easy to follow along with, I love to play this on mute and pump up my workout playlist, which is a bit more motivational. Follow along with my Spotify playlist below!

How’s your fitness journey holding up? Leave a comment below!

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