Sample Sunday: Buxom Mascara Bar – Full & Fabulous

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buxom-mascara-bar-full-fabulousI absolutely love getting mascara samples – they’ll never go to waste in my collection. In fact, I live off of samples! Outside of the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils which I treated myself to in November, I’ve been using sample size mascaras for the whole year.

I received a sample of the Buxom mascara from the Mascara Bar collection with the Full & Fabulous wand from Sephora. And unfortunately, I didn’t realize til just now that this is no longer available in the United States. However, if you’re in Canada you can pick up this mascara still at

canada-buxom-mascara-bar-full-fabulous-wand-reviewBuxom Mascara Bar – Full & Fabulous

If you’re looking for volume, this mascara gives plenty. The plastic bristles have little balls at the end which are going to grab and coat your lashes with mascara. The tricky part, though, is that they can also give a super clumpy look real fast since it’s harder to brush through the lashes. If you’re into the spidery, volumized trend, I think you will really enjoy this wand and formula.

For me, this mascara is a no-go. While I intend to use the sample up, the formula just doesn’t hit all my expectations. I do find that this mascara is volumizing, but gets clumpy and dry so quickly. This I could deal with, but it also tends to find it’s way down my cheeks halfway through the day. Because it’s dry, it crumbles and gets into my eyes and onto my concealer.

For shorter stints (like my date night above), I can wear this mascara and like the way that it looks, but I can’t go a full work day wearing this mascara without it breaking down a bit. It’s nothing extreme, but definitely enough where I wouldn’t want to purchase the full size.

I don’t have oily eyelids, but I think if you did you might have a hard time with this mascara. It’s not going to be a strong formula for those who are looking for something that’s waterproof or smudge-proof.

All-in-all, I’d say to pass on the Buxom Mascara Bar in Full & Fabulous, and instead try out Eyeko’s Black Magic Mascara or the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which gives a similar effect and is much easier to find.

Which mascara should I try next? Leave a comment below!

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