Sample Sunday: Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Cream

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After running out of my recent day serum, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, I decided that I wanted to give something else a go. My sample collection has been piling up as of late, so I wanted to try some of the products I had on hand without having to invest in a pricy serum I’ve never tried before.

I had this sample of the Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Cream from Birchbox (I can’t believe this sample has been kicking around for a year!), and thought it would fit the bill perfectly. At 26, I don’t struggle from wrinkles or age spots, but I am starting to see fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. I wanted to see if this serum would help fill those in for a smoother appearance throughout the day.

Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Cream Review

It can be tricky to get a good idea of whether or not I like a skincare item from a sample size. However, this sample is quite generous, and you only need a teensy amount of product to cover the trouble areas. I got around 2-3 weeks of use, so I have a good idea of whether I like this product.


As I mentioned above, you really only need a small amount of product, so while the full size of this is $60, you will get months of wear. I use around two small pea-sized drops to cover my cheek and eye area, and my forehead. I really don’t bother using this on my chin, but focus it more on areas where I can see wrinkles forming or where I could use a hydration boost.

Around my eyes, on my forehead and in my smile lines, this product goes on relatively smoothly. It’s a very thick cream with a glue-like consistency, so if you have sensitive skin it could pull a little bit. I like to spread it over larger areas, and dab it around my eyes so that it doesn’t pull as much.

Liftra™ Contour Cream is a lifting cream that visibly firms and volumizes skin with its breakthrough technology and formula. Collagen fiber is infused within the rich-textured cream, which visibly stretches when applied to perfectly cover skin. The stretchy collagen thread flexibly adhere to skin to provide volumizing and firming effects.


Immediate Wear

As the product promises, this will fill in fine lines and give your skin a plumping effect. It’s very good around my eyes and in my smile line, but I haven’t found it to be as effective on my forehead for some reason. You do have to be careful about how much product you use, because if you do use too much it can ball up under your moisturizer.

I use this serum every morning (I tend to wear a resurfacing serum at night – Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum). First I like to apply a toning mist, then use the Liftra contour cream on areas where I’m beginning to develop fine lines. I top it off with my holy grail First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, and finish my routine with a quick absorbing eye cream.

When used in moderation, this serum does not ball up, and will wear perfectly under your makeup. It actually acts quite like a primer in that it fills in pores, smoothes the skin and gives long-lasting hydration. While much of the immediate impact of this product is only going to help while you have it on, it does make your makeup apply much better.

Long-Term Effects

Because I’m only using a sample, I don’t have a good idea whether this product does help in the long-term, but I am confident that I would see good results.

The PLA complex supports natural collagen synthesis to help maintain skin elasticity and increase moisture recovery, while three kinds of peptide complex maximize skin care effects with excellent skin penetration of active ingredients.

Because this plumps the skin and gives superb moisturization throughout the day, I do feel that it is helping to prevent new lines from forming. I don’t know if it will help to reduce lines that you already have, but I do think it’s a great formula for someone in their late 20s to early 30s.

All-in-all I am a fan of the Liftra Contour Cream. I think it’s perfect as a skin-smoothing serum for daily wear, and has skin benefiting ingredients that I trust. I’m a fan of the products I’ve tried from Dr. Jart+, and would definitely look at some of their other items to try.

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