Get Fit Friday: Inner Thigh Focus & Leg Routine

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You made it through January, and you’re still strong on your workout goals! Welcome to a new series, Get Fit Friday. This series is meant to keep you motivated on your fitness goals, highlight great fitness videos, gear, trends, etc. and create a community around health and wellness. Disclaimer, I am not an expert in anything related to health or wellness, but feel free to follow me, an average girl, as I lead a healthier and more active lifestyle!

This week, I wanted to share my favorite way to workout – YouTube! I hate going to the gym, and would rather not splash out $30-50 a month on a membership, so working out at home is great. YouTube is a great option to find a variety of videos and focus on all different kinds of muscle areas. This week’s selection of videos will focus primarily on legs, and includes an intense inner-thigh workout that works muscles you didn’t even know existed!

Follow the videos in order for an excellent at-home leg & inner-thigh workout!

1 – Warmup – Blogilates Fat Burning Cardio Warmup

Because we’re going to get into some pretty intense leg workouts, this cardio warmup is a bit more fun and easy for a beginner. It’ll warm up your muscles and get in a bit of light stretching without needing too much power up front.

2 – Summer Slim Workout – Tone It Up & Livestrong Woman

I just have to start by saying, I LOVE Katrina and Karena. Their demeanor is so calming, and I loved participating in the Self Tone it Up Challenge throughout January. This video is a great start to work out the full body and focus on leg strength. It’ll get you sweating, and you’ll definitely feel a great leg workout.

3 – Intense Inner Thigh Challenge – Blogilates

This inner thigh workout is amazing! You’ll really feel the burn, and it works muscles that don’t always get a lot of attention. I love mixing up my routine with this video and trying out some new moves.

4 – Flexibility Leg Stretches – PsycheTruth

Ending out the workout with this video feels ah-maz-ing! I love stretching, especially my legs. This will help you cool down, and make sure that you don’t cause any injury to your muscles from the intense workout.

That’s it folks! I hope you had an amazing workout, and I would love to hear how your fitness journey is evolving throughout the year. Feel free to leave a comment with your progress, or let me know what types of fitness posts you would like to see this year!

What is your favorite YouTube workout? Share your favorite YouTubers and videos in the comments section!

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