Get Fit Friday: Should You Take Probiotic Supplements?

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A huge portion of getting fit and being healthy is maintaining a nutritious diet. This can be done with balanced and mindful food intake, and with the aid of supplements (in addition to healthy eating). When I really began altering my diet to add more veggies and less processed products I thought that it would make me feel great – unfortunately it left me feeling bloated and gave me the worst stomach pains during the day.

However, I wasn’t ready to give up my healthier diet – I was seeing great results otherwise, but the constant bloating and pain was not going to cut it. At first I looked into foods that would help calm my stomach like ginger and peppermint, but found that they did not help. Finally, exasperated and not knowing what to do, I took to the internet.

What are probiotics?

What I found is that I might be lacking a thriving culture of probiotics in my stomach, which help to break down the heartier greens that I love such as cabbage, broccoli and spinach. Essentially, probiotics are a “good bacteria” that help the digestion process. If you struggle with intolerances or bloating, probiotics will help move food through your system preventing a buildup of gas, which keeps your stomach happy and healthy.

How do you digest probiotics?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Activia yogurt commercials, but probiotics can also be found in foods such as kefir, pickles and cheese… yes please. But since I’m cooking a lot more of my meals and adding in more greens, I’m pretty much full by the time I can even consider adding a heavy dairy product into the mix.

Instead, I decided to take a probiotic supplement before eating lunch to get a healthy intake without adding a bunch of extra calories. I am not a nutritionist, scientist or doctor of any sort, so I can’t make any promises about the safety and health benefits of taking probiotic supplements, but I can say that it helped my bloating immensely, and allows me to enjoy veggies without any pain.

Fortify Your Digestive System with a Unique Healthy Bacteria 24/7.

There are so many types of supplements on the market today, and a ton of different brands to choose from. You can totally be an adult and have a capsule like the Align Digestive Care Probiotic Supplement, Capsules, or you can throw back to the FUN years and enjoy some fruity gummies like the ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Gummies with Natural Fruit Flavors.

Whichever you choose, supplements offer a nutritious and easy way to introduce some healthy bacteria into your gut to improve your body’s digestion. Which, of course, means that you can enjoy more of those healthy veggie recipes like my balsamic glazed brussel sprouts!

Have you tried probiotic supplements? What do you think? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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