Spring Beauty Empties and Collection Clear Out


It’s time for some spring cleaning and on top of my regular empties I wanted to get rid of some of the older products that have been kicking around, mocking me with their taunts of wasted money. While a majority of these items I was able to use up, there were some items I’ve had for years that are well past their expiration taking up space in my vanity.

It was time for a clear out, and I’m quite happy with the results. As I focus more and more on the ingredients I use there were some items I knew wouldn’t get use. Getting a fresh start at the beginning of spring can feel so good, and whittling down my collection makes me appreciate what I do have even more.

For a true review, I’m going to list out the items I used up and then below list out the items I’m getting rid of and why. As usual, since this list is so long I won’t be reviewing every single product. I will highlight the items I loved and the ones I hated so that you get a good idea of what to avoid or maybe pick up!

Beauty Empties for Spring:



Body Care


Hair Care



lip-balms-for-springLip Care

After going through so many products in January I had no clue that I would go through so many in a couple month’s time. I had quite a few products hanging around that were almost used up so I put the pedal to the metal and focused on finishing the stragglers.

Some of the best products from the bunch:

I really loved using the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream! It does smell so good and had such a thick, nourishing consistency. I also did like the shimmer, but that’s going to be hit or miss for some people. I’m not certain if I will repurchase this as it is pricey, so I’ve been testing out some Amazon alternatives (keep your eyes peeled for a new post).

The holy grail item of this post is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish – I use this every night to remove my makeup. The moisturizing formula is so good for dry skin and gets off every ounce of makeup on your face. I also really enjoyed using the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water spritz as a facial toner. My skin has felt so much more hydrated since adding a spray to my cleansing routine.

The last item that stood out to me was the NEST Citrine perfume. The scent was so clean and fresh and this could definitely be a contender for my next perfume purchase. Once I finish out my bottles of the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess and Live by J-Lo perfumes I will pick up a new scent and I’m torn between Chloe and Chanel. Leave a comment below with your suggestion!


My Not-so Favorites:

There weren’t many standouts in this selection that I definitely didn’t like. I won’t be purchasing the GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment because I felt like the process of removing this mask was harder on the skin than the benefit of the formula. Not to mention it’s a pricey little number!

Each of the mascaras that I tried over the past couple months also won’t be making the cut. The Buxom Mascara is no longer sold in the US and I found it to be crumbly. I also had problems with the W3ll People Mascara smudging. Both were just ok, but not worth repurchasing.

All of the other products in this post were middle of the road. There are some that I may consider purchasing again in the future, but only if a need arises. However, there are a whole bunch of products that I couldn’t even use up, and that’s what you’ll see in the remainder of this post.

Collection Clear Out – Expired & Poor Performing Products

As much as I hate to waste, it was time to clear out the drawers. Many of these items I just would not get use from, some of which are so old that they are definitely expired. The goal is to whittle down the impulse purchases so that this doesn’t happen quite so often!

Expired Items

None of the expired items were bad products, I just didn’t get the use out of them before they went bad. I love the NYC lip stain, but the nib had dried out. Also for the price, I would definitely recommend the e.l.f. eyeliner – the brush is so thin that it’s easy to get a clean line. There are others that I love more, but if you’re on a budget it might be a great grab.


Items I just did not like

I noticed that most of the items I’m tossing from this bunch came from either Birchbox or Ipsy. I’ve since unsubscribed from both of these, but did get a ton of products in shades that I would never purchase myself. I tend to stay natural with my makeup, so while the NYX Liquid Suede formula is beautiful, the fuschia pink shade they sent in my Ipsy bag would just never suit me. I don’t understand why I would ever receive that or some of the other bright colors included above when I picked the natural beauty preference? This is the primary reason why I unsubscribed from Ipsy – I was receiving far too many items that were in bright colors that I would not wear.

So while most of these items just didn’t fit my shade preference, there were some that just did not work! The St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion was a one-night formula meant to give the skin a bronze tone without the commitment. This is the WORST tanning product I have ever used. It looked like I jumped in a mud puddle and was so streaky – there was absolutely no way to get an even application. It looks like this product has been discontinued, which is not surprising. I absolutely love their tanning mousse, so I was just surprised at this product.

Another surprising miss was the AHAVA Deadsea Mineral Hand Cream. I like most AHAVA products but for some reason this one went rancid in a couple weeks after being opened. It smelled nice and powdery at first (not my favorite scent, but bearable). However, after a couple weeks something went wrong and it literally started to smell like s**t! Did I just get a dud? Wtf.

I also had a really hard time with the Suave Dry Shampoo. It had a lovely scent and was so inexpensive, so I had high hopes but the white cast was just way too much for my brunette hair. If you have blonde locks you might love this dry shampoo, but I kept getting “are you greying?” comments from multiple people so that was a little horrifying.

What items have you used up recently? Anything worth trying? Leave a comment below!

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