Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Neutral Ambience Eyeshadow Swatches

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About a week ago I was watching my favorite YouTube videos, and as I was watching a vlog by Tanya Burr I was inspired to check Feel Unique to see what makeup was available. Now, when the heck did I miss the Spring Collection boat? I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tanya Burr had released new makeup under her Neutral Ambience collection, including lipsticks, eyeshadows and more.

As soon as I saw the eyeshadow selections, I knew that I was making a Feel Unique purchase. I’m a huge fan of her past palettes in Birthday Suit (everyone should get this one), and Galaxy. For the price, these palettes smash other drugstore brands out of the water!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadow Formulas

The texture of Tanya Burr eyeshadows is a bit powdery, but also nicely pigmented. It’s not going to be the same quality as higher priced shadows, but compared with other drugstore brands including Maybelline, Rimmel and Cover Girl, these shadows are much better.

There’s a little bit of kickback when you put your brush in, so as long as you tap off any excess you’re good to go. Because they’re the perfect combination between pigmented and powdery, blending Tanya Burr’s shadows is a dream. I’m particularly a fan of her matte shadows, but the shimmers and glitters are also very lovely when applied dry or wet.


My Escape Eyeshadow Palette

While both palettes from the spring collection looked absolutely gorgeous, I was completely drawn in by the My Escape palette which features green taupes and a greeny-gold shadow that is out of this world! Really, these pictures don’t do this palette justice.

Unlike a lot of the other Tanya Burr eyeshadow palettes, this one is very different, featuring colors that would look stunning on green, brown or blue eyes. This palette swatches and brushes on beautifully, giving a stunning smokey look that is very different from the browns and blacks you’ll usually see.


Like I said before, the swatch pictures don’t do this palette justice, especially Wild Jungle (2nd swatch) which is a bit more green tinged in real life. While Wild Jungle is the show-stopper from this palette, Tree Tops and Master Plan are perfect base shades for so many different looks.

Each of these shades would mix and match very well with looks from other palettes. And for the low price, I am definitely loving having these on hand. New Perspective is a bit meh, but works well for inner corner highlighting or on its own on a more natural eye day.



My Paradise Eyeshadow Palette

For lovers of everything rose gold and copper, the My Paradise eyeshadow palette is going to be a dream. At first I was hesitant to buy this palette since I do own the Birthday Suit palette, but they’re actually quite different. The shades in the Paradise palette are much darker, and the shades are mostly shimmery.

I would say, the one flaw of this palette is the Champagne Cocktail shade. It’s very similar to Miami Sunrise, and doesn’t act as a bright highlight for the inner corner or brow bone. Hammock is absolutely perfect, and one that I will turn to as the base for a lot of looks. Tranquility is a copper lover’s perfection! It swatches well, as well as being lovely when applied with a brush. If you use a wet brush, you can foil the look perfectly, which is so fun for summer.



I’m only mildly disappointed that my pineapple is lopsided in Hammock, but in time that will be gone anyways. The jury is out on whether the Tanya Burr packaging is cute or tacky, but for some reason I tend to reach for the eyeshadow palettes a lot. I don’t mind the packaging, but would toy with the idea of depotting the eyeshadows from all of my favorite palettes to put into a Z-Palette. If you have, let me know if it’s easy!

Of course, while I was shopping I was sucked into buying the Face Illuminator because I have dreams of a glowing, tan look. However, I’m not quite as impressed by the illuminator as I am the eyeshadows. It’s a bit more sheer than I’d prefer, offering little to no glow. Plus, I was disappointed to see dimethicone as one of the top ingredients… Cringe! I wish that Feel Unique listed ingredients on their site.


All-in-all, I wouldn’t recommend the illuminator, but I would 100% recommend the eyeshadows. You won’t be disappointed!

What else should I try from Tanya Burr Cosmetics? Leave a comment below with your favorites!


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