My Favorite New Gel Nail Polish (Without UV)


It’s been a while since I’ve strayed from my usual favorites, Essie, N.Y.C. and Zoya, but when I saw the new display for the Wet n Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel nail polish line I was sucked right in. Maybe it’s the unique black bottle, or maybe it’s the color selection, but my eyes were immediately drawn to this new line.

At the time I had a bottle of O.P.I.’s Got the Blues for Red polish in my hand, and I instantly went to put it back. I was looking for my favorite fall colors, and Wet n Wild had everything I was looking for. What’s more, they were running a deal to buy 3 for 2, so I picked up a few to try out.


Wet n Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish Review

first up, I picked out the color Left Marooned (left) to replace the OPI polish I had put back. The deep berry color is my favorite fall staple and was exactly what I was looking for. Many of the deeper maroon and burgundy colors I have in my collection are either really dark or are more red-based. This shade is more on the berry side, and isn’t too dark where it looks black.

Wet n Wild 1-Step Wonder Application

This was the first shade I tried on and I was so happy with the results! The brush is wide and flat without being too big, and it’s simple to get an even layer of color with 3 or 4 strokes. The bottles are very hefty (good for avoiding the glass breaking from a drop) and provide .45 fl oz – while the formula is relatively thick, it does not seem like it will get goopy quickly, so you’re going the get a lot of use from these bottles.

Does The Gel Polish Last?

I applied the berry shade on its own, without a base or top coat – I wanted to test how well the gel effect worked and whether the formula would last on my nails without chipping. On its own this is truly a stand out product. I would have been fine with 1 coat, but went with 2 as I normally would. The formula glided on easily and smoothly and dried pretty quickly. Once dry, I was left with a glossy, beautiful finish that was hard to the touch. It didn’t dent or get ruined by my sheets while I slept and it lasted for a week without any major chips. It’s thick enough to prevent chips, but not so thick that it will crack if your nail bends.



I also picked up Crime of Passion (pictured above), which is your classic cherry red. For this one I tried using a top coat to make the glossy appearance last. I used Essie’s Good to Go top coat, which is an all-time fave, and the polish dried even faster and kept that beautiful shine. With the top coat the formula was budge proof, and I could have gotten about a week and a half of wear without major chipping. Of course, I like to switch things up, and I still had Stay Classy to try, so I only left the polish on for a week.

Once I applied Stay Classy, a mauve-toned neutral, I immediately fell in love. By far, this is my favorite from the bunch. It’s the perfect nude tone – it won’t leave your fingers looking like extra skin, and isn’t a brighter color than my skin-tone. I find that sometimes this can leave my hands looking a bit lifeless which is not the look I go for. Instead, it has the slightest shades of pink and taupe included to be very flattering, and goes with every color outfit you can possibly imagine. So good!

How Well is This Polish Removed?

Like your regular polish, this gel-similar style can be removed with your classic nail polish remover. It’s much easier than a glitter polish, and removed easily with a regular amount of pressure. I used cotton rounds and an acetone-based remover with no issues.

All-in-all I am super happy with the Wet n Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel nail polish line. Now that I know that the formula is so good, I can’t wait to pick up some more. This is the perfect item to include as a stocking stuffer, or would be so fun bundled as a gift to your gal pal. Plus, Wet n Wild often offers incentives, like the 3 for 2 deal. You’ll be able to pick up a few of these gems for under $10!

What Wet n Wild nail polish shade should I try next? Leave a comment below!

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